Monthly Archives: December 2011

Falling Apart


I feel like I’m falling apart.
The pain in my back makes my hands feel numb
The pain in my knee is a torn meniscus
I limp when I walk, I groan when I stand
And I wake up at night with pain in my hand

All of this is bothersome because it makes me
Feel like I’m falling apart.
Like Fall Apart Rabbit on that cartoon
Poor little thing couldn’t keep it together
But at least he could put his parts back

Unlike me who just feels very old.
Old and cold and rusty and run down and
Feeling like I’m falling apart
But getting older isn’t for sissies; is it?
And I’m nobody’s sissy. And I’m never getting old

At least I’ll never act like it
Because age is a state of mind
You’re only as old as you feel, So although
I feel like I’m falling apart
I’m not going to act like it.

I’m going to walk without limping
I’m going to pray as usual, not in a chair
I am going to carry on as usual; standing tall
Because who has time to cry. So I won’t act like
I feel like I’m falling apart.


Thoughts on Christmas Eve & Eve-Eve.


I remember walking down Hudson Avenue with Zakiyyah watching the sun rise.
I don’t remember signing up for this part of the deal.
I have always wanted to fly.
I have never been a follower.
I see opportunity where others only see failure.
I don’t see any reason to be so worried.
I know it won’t be easy.
I don’t know why it has to be hard.
I want to leave a legacy for children.
I don’t want to hurt anyone.
I try to be a good person.
I try not to lie to myself.
I hate to admit it, but
I love shoveling snow.

My attempt at an Anapeat


Can’t think of anything profound to say

Something that will make people sit up and say

“Wow, did you hear that?”

But I checked some books and some old magazines

But nothing jumps out at me


So I have a little problem because I

Can’t think of anything profound to say

But maybe it’s not the fault of my books

Maybe I’ve lost my touch,

The ability to recognize a good line when I see one


The scrutiny I used to have to be able to hear

A statement and get that “Aha” feeling

But I can’t think of anything profound to say

So I continue to search my books and the web

For maybe a quote by someone from the past


Someone who said something

That was repeated for its ring of the truth

Like the sound you hear when a sword is drawn, but

I can’t think of anything profound to say

So I’ll leave it to somebody else


I’ll go back to my lesson planning and such

And give life to the minds of my charges

Mold young minds to the basics they’ll need to survive

And forget about the fact that I

Can’t think of anything profound to say.

Random Thoughts.


I am a new person

I wonder if there’ll be enough time

I hear the sound of flowers whispering

I see how lovely they smell

I want to see the earth from the moon

I am ready to take a stand

I pretend there is nothing wrong

I feel the touch of gossamer wings

I touch them back

I worry that they won’t hold me up

I cry because they do

I am incredibly strong

I understand the language of butterflies

I say some interesting things

I dream of being a tiny fairy

I try not to take life too seriously

I hope everyone can be happy

I am happy for those who are

I am a new person.



Yesterday I went to a Mexican friend’s house and celebrated the Posada. It’s a Mexican traditional form of celebrating Christmas. It’s usually celebrated from December 16th -the 24th and is a re-enactment of the events Joseph and Mary went through trying to find somewhere to stay the night when she gave birth. Sure, I don’t celebrate Christmas but my friends do so I went to share their joy and fun.

It was really nice because I had always wanted to see a Posada celebration ever since I saw it on the Disney video, “The Three Caballeros”. Well instead of seeing it I was a part of it and it was pretty cool and fun. We did as much laughing as we did singing and that is probably because it’s usually children who do the singing and the adults in the house sing the response but there weren’t any kids yesterday so everyone felt kind of shy.

Anyway, I got a chance to taste Flan; and it was delicious.