Sonnet 1


Here is my ambitious attempt at a sonnet. I was reading some last night and when I got in bed the first three lines went through my mind so I sat up in bed and took the notepad I keep on my bedside table and wrote them down and here you have them exactly as they came to me except for the second word of line three.

I drink you in like a glass of wine at night
I drink you in like a tonic that heals the soul
I keep the scent of you inside my lungs locked tight
For loving you is my unending goal
When I’m with you the hours linger, slow
The clock forgets to move, the wheels of time
Hold fast so time with you delays, won’t go
And every moment with you is sublime
If ever sadness hostage holds my heart
The thought of you makes loneliness depart


About windwalker07

I'm a Jamerican; American born of 2 Jamaican parents. I am a voracious reader, a writer, a wife and a mother of 5 (1 girl). My favorite genre is science fiction but I will read anything. my favorite author right now is Lee Child (this changes often) I listen to all kinds of music but my favorites are jazz, Latin-jazz and classical. I write whatever comes to me and I've learned to start whether I have something or not.

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