Timeless Love


I was searching types of poetry to write and the line from a poem sparked this line of thinking. What if we really can be re-incarnated; would the same two people fall in love in every time period?

I think I used to love you long ago
In days gone by when traveling was slow
And time would take it’s time to pass the day
And lovers when they loved, would love and stay

We loved again when speed was more the rage
One did what must be done to earn a wage
And love took on a secondary role
We lost sight love itself was once the goal

Then came the times when love was just a game
When counting up your lovers gave one fame
But you and I remained a duo crew
Your only need was me and mine was you

Now virtual reality’s the way
We Twitter, Post and text our time away
Yet somehow I found you and you found me
Because through time our love’s fated to be


About windwalker07

I'm a Jamerican; American born of 2 Jamaican parents. I am a voracious reader, a writer, a wife and a mother of 5 (1 girl). My favorite genre is science fiction but I will read anything. my favorite author right now is Lee Child (this changes often) I listen to all kinds of music but my favorites are jazz, Latin-jazz and classical. I write whatever comes to me and I've learned to start whether I have something or not.

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