Three Wishes.


I chose a poetry prompt that suggested writing a poem in the style of a lullaby, so here’s my effort.

If I had three wishes
Here’s what I’d wish
I’d wish for you to love me
And give me a kiss

The second wish I’d use
In a very smart way
I’d wish you’d be happy
All throughout the day

Third and final wish
This one I’d not waste
I’d guard it most carefully
Not use it in haste

I’d wish for you health
And also wealth too
These are the three wishes
That I’d make for you.


About windwalker07

I'm a Jamerican; American born of 2 Jamaican parents. I am a voracious reader, a writer, a wife and a mother of 5 (1 girl). My favorite genre is science fiction but I will read anything. my favorite author right now is Lee Child (this changes often) I listen to all kinds of music but my favorites are jazz, Latin-jazz and classical. I write whatever comes to me and I've learned to start whether I have something or not.

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