Monthly Archives: January 2014

Daily Prompt: Fast Forward


If you could fast forward to a specific date in the future, when would it be? January 11, 2014

I always find that question strange because it is in the future and you don’t know what will be the most important day in the future because it hasn’t come yet. I might want to go forward to the day I become a published author. But what could I do at that time? I would already have what I want. To go forward to one’s death day is kind of creepy; going forward to the day space travel becomes commonplace might be interesting. And going forward to a day when humans begin to live on another planet might be a good one too. But what about family? Which one of the grand children’s future would I want to go forward to see? I just have no idea what would be a good date to jump forward to. Sometimes I think I’m not as creative as other people because others find this kind of question easy to answer, but it’s not so easy for me. Maybe I think about it too much. Maybe it’s as simple as ‘the day of my hundredth birthday’ to see how things fare for me. And if I’m out of shape then I’ll know to start getting in shape and keeping in shape since I know I’m going to live that long I had better make it worthwhile.


Daily Prompt: Heroic


When you were five years old, who was your hero? What do you think of that person today?
I’ve been trying to think of who my hero was when I was five years old and I can’t seem to think of anyone, but if I did have a hero, someone I thought the world of it was both my mother and my father. I loved to watch my father work on televisions in the middle of the living room floor with the TV’s taken apart and the tubes all around him and his tools to one side and schematics piled to the other side and my father checking from testing one tube after the other to see which one was the blown tube. I was amazed at how he would open up a TV that was not working, check each part and circuit board and solder this board or that board and change tubes. Sometimes he would close everything up because he didn’t have the tube or fuse he needed so he had to go buy it but he couldn’t leave those things all spread out on the floor of a house that had five children under ten years old in the house. I remember being amazed that he knew where everything went. Being so young I didn’t realize that it was all his stuff so everything went where he wanted it to go.
As for my mother, I was in awe of her because she worked at the hospital in the operating room but she also worked as a hairdresser at the shop on the corner on the weekends and as a barber right there in the living room during the week. She had several people who would only let her cut their hair.
So what do I think of these two heroes today? I still think they’re the best. I still think they’re amazing people; although my dad has passed away. But my mom is now 93 years old. She’s not so fast as she used to be and she’s not on top of things as much as she used to be, but when you’ve been on the planet for over 90 years most people are gonna start slipping a bit.
They are both still my heroes.