Daily Prompt: The Outsiders


Tell us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.
Today’s prompt is to write about the experience of being outside looking in.
I thought maybe I could write about how it felt last year when for the first time since 1979 I didn’t receive a calendar from the City School District. I didn’t get one because I no longer had any children in the City School District and they mail the calendars out to the homes of the children registered for the current school year. Well when it was the first week of school and I realized that there wouldn’t be a calendar coming to my home I felt like I had been shunned by a group that I’d been a loyal member of since 1979. I felt like my best friends had thrown me out and turned their backs on me and had agreed that none of them would talk to me. I had to go online and find the calendar on the City School District website and print out the pages that I wanted. And if it wasn’t for the fact that I needed the calendar so I would know the days when the day care kids would be out of school I don’t think I would have printed or even went to look at the calendar.But the thing is, that feeling bothered me for about a month. And it was funny how I came to notice it. One of the day care kids mentioned that there wouldn’t be any school the next day and, as I always do, I immediately went to my cork board where I always hang my calendar every year to check on it, to see if the calendar verified what she said, and the wrong calendar was there and no, “out of school” shaded days were marked, and that was when I realized, ‘I had been left out’.


About windwalker07

I'm a Jamerican; American born of 2 Jamaican parents. I am a voracious reader, a writer, a wife and a mother of 5 (1 girl). My favorite genre is science fiction but I will read anything. my favorite author right now is Lee Child (this changes often) I listen to all kinds of music but my favorites are jazz, Latin-jazz and classical. I write whatever comes to me and I've learned to start whether I have something or not.

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