It sounded like violin music, and it was coming from the basement, which didn’t make any sense. Nobody in this house knew how to play the violin. Or owned one. She opened the door to the basement and the sound got louder. Well, whatever it was, it was definitely coming out of there. She crept down the stairs trying her best not to let them squeak. They squeaked anyway. Halfway down the stairs she leaned over to look in the direction that the sound was coming from and saw what she suspected and what she didn’t. There was a man in the basement playing the violin, but the man was about the size of a three year old child. He wasn’t a midget though, he was a dwarf. But not the sword and sorcery type of dwarf that was stocky and muscled up. He was of rail thin, scrawny even. He was dressed in a worn out, shabby shirt and pants and wasn’t wearing any shoes. His hair was disheveled and there was a little hat perched on the left side of his head that was so small she wondered why he wore it at all. All of this made him appear not to be fear worthy in the least. She went the rest of the way into the basement and stood at the bottom of the stairs not daring to go any closer to the little man. She waited until he finished playing the tune he was working on and when he finished he turned to her holding the instrument at his side.

“Did you like my song?” he asked. She hesitated for a minute deciding whether to answer his questions or ask one of her own.

She decided on the second. “What are you doing here in my basement?”
“Why,I’m playing Thais on the violin,” the little man answered.

It took her a minute to absorb that answer then she said, “No, I mean, why are you here, how did you get in here, how long have you been playing the violin, and how long have you been playing it in my basement?” she asked the questions in all in one breath.

“Which question do you want me to answer? Why I’m playing, why I’m playing precisely here or why I’m playing Thais?” the little man asked.

The girl blinked then said, “Why are you playing the violin in my basement?”

The man cradled the violin like a baby and said, “That wasn’t one of the questions but I’ll tell you anyway. I’m playing the violin in your basement because the acoustics is very good in here.”

“That’s it?!” she asked.

The little man gave her a questioning look then said, “Well, I thought you needed a little beauty in your life so I brought you some in the music.” And then he smiled at her.

She stared at the dwarf as she thought about the way things had been going in her life lately. All the disappointments, the breakup with her boy friend, her mother choosing to spend the holiday with her new boyfriend and asking her not to join them, being blamed for the lost account at her job even though the supervisor knew it was really Martin’s fault, and being docked two day’s pay as a result of the loss. She looked at the little man and said, “Thank you. Why don’t you play something else?”

The dwarf smiled and put the violin under his chin and began playing another tune.


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